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Pixwrite is a tool to write text and place watermarks on pictures and photos. It is simple, quick and completely free. Basic functions don't even require a log-in. Place text on any image using a variety of fonts and colors. To begin, upload an image from your PC or enter the URL of an image on the web.

Upload an image from your PC:

-or- Enter the URL of an image on the web:

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When your image appears below, choose a font, size and color for the text, then position and type the text on the image.

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CAUTION! Your work will be lost if this session is ended. Save your work! When the caption appears like you want, right-click on the image and save it to your computer.

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Pixwrite is a simple and quick way to add text labels to any image on the web. Pixwrite is not a replacement for a full featured image editor installed on your own PC but can be quicker. Also handy if you are away from your own PC. Just grab the image you want right off the web or upload from your PC. Add labels, and once the photo looks as you want, copy to the local PC then upload to your host or blog. PixWrite maintains your image internally using the png image type so there is never loss of quality no matter how many edits you make! (temporary images are removed after 24 hours. so don't rely on this host for linking)

HINT To create a watermark effect, choose a color with only slight contrast and a bolder font.

* Due to variations in browser rendering and installed fonts, close registration near the image edge may not be possible. For best results, use the position indicator to place text approx 10 pixels from the edge of your image.